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Masbate, Philippines 2016

“Okay, this should be good since this is my first blog. Pardon me for being a noob. :D)

Last September 2016, me and my co office mates went to Masbate, Philippines. It is basically located at the middle of the country and part of the Bicol region. From Manila, we traveled by van for about 6 hours. So we left in Manila at around 11pm and arrived in San Andres Port, Quezon at 6am.


We ate our breakfast at the port (silog meals. haha) and changed to our swim attire…

The tour consists up to 6 islands! Thanks to our tour, Lababoy Baboy, btw 🙂 It includes the van transfer from Manila to San Andres Port, food, boat transfer for island hopping and a “kubo” to stay for the overnight. It is almost included all the things that you need! 🙂 And their package was very affordable fyi, mainly because their food was in buffet style 😀

And after a day of island hopping, if you and your barkada wants to chill at night, just relax and have a drink, you can bring your own alcoholic drinks ofcourse. But thanks to Kuya Bri (our tour guide), he will definitely make you dance because he will make sure that you will be drunk. lol (hello free drinks, ikaw na talaga Kuya! :D)

You can check their Facebook page here: Lababoy Baboy Tours

So…. I’m not much of a words, so you can just check our pictures 🙂 Unfortunately (sort of), when we had our tour, the weather was not that good, so the boat ride was so bumpy that all of us felt very dizzy. But the islands are still magnificent. So I will definitely go back there and make sure that the weather is good. Haha! You must too!

So… here we go! 🙂

Boat ride…. endless boat ride. haha


And finally, Animasola Island..


The Dabarkads :p


And my favorite picture in this island…


Amazing, isn’t ? 😀

For the Tinalisayan Sand Bar….


The waaaves was crazy!! And because of the weather, this is not the usual view of this sandbar, too bad we didn’t see its true magnificence 😦

Anyways, let’s move to the Dapa Island… (My Favorite ;))


The water in this area was veeeeeeeeeeeeery superb!! clearest water ive seen (so far!) haha. That’s why some of my friends thought that my background in these pictures are edited, but it is definitely not 🙂

And lastly, the Alibijaban Island…


This is our last stop on our tour and where we ate our Lunch. I think this is the most crowded island and more commercialized. Because there are residents living in this area. And we didn’t have the chance to swim, because of the low tide 😦

I didn’t have a pictures of the other islands we’ve been to (and i dont know why. hahaha). Including Sumbrero Island, where we spent the night.. drinking… playing games… and yes, dancing… 😀

So, that’s it…

You can check the vlog I’ve made for this trip 🙂

Till next summer getaway! 🙂


*joiner group in Lababoy baboy tour 🙂


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