The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand


The Grand Palace or Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang is located at the central Bangkok and where the royal family usually residing.


I went here last January 2017 and it was Sunday so i didn’t expect the high volume of tourist.


So it will be much better if you come here with company. But if you’re that sociable to talk with other tourists to take pictures for you, then you’re okay 🙂 Oh, and a selfie stick will do. I am by myself when  I went there and I’m  very thankful for that little thin-thing 😉


I arrived at the entrance around 9 in the morning and buy ticket for 600 baht.. it is actually quite expensive but i guarantee you that it is worth it 🙂 And i’m quite amazed because if you’re local, you will not pay the entrance fee at all. Im sure that in the Philippines, even your local or tourist, you’ll still pay the same fee. Haha! 🙂

The first thing you’ll see when you enter the palace is this……



like seriously, i don’t know which one should i take pictures first. i’m so over whelmed!! haha! i just keep telling myself what did i do to deserve to see all of this! it’s VERY BEAUTIFUL!!

The Phra Si Rattana Chedi.


The Phra Mondop. (The Library)


And The Wat Phra Kaew chapel where the Emerald Buddha is. (which is actually made of Jade, not Emerald :D) but unfortunately, I didn’t have any pictures inside, because it is prohibited.



And lastly, the modern central court,  Chakri Maha Prasat hall.
“The hall was built by King Rama V and completed in 1882. Its unusual design is due to some controversy during its construction. The original architect was a Briton working in Singapore named John Clunich. Rama V wanted an entirely western look to his new home, but others in the court argued that the king’s residence and throne hall should reflect Siamese motifs. Thus the domed roof was replaced by a Thai styled roof.” [*]

So, that’s it. The Grand Palace tour will only take you up to 1 hour (approximately).

Your Bangkok trip will not be completed without going to this place. So add this on your bucket list!! 😀


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