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Wat Pho Tour in Bangkok, Thailand

So, after the tour in the Grand Palace (you can check it here :)), the usual destination is Wat Pho, one of the oldest temple in Bangkok. It’s just a little walk from the Grand Palace and it is majestic and sooooo beautiful as well.


But what i like the most about Wat Pho is the entrane fee: just 100 baht, compared to The Grand Palace. haha and yes, with free drinking water 😉12


With the beautiful temples….


Wat Pho is one of the six oldest temples in Thailand as well as the first-class royal temple. It was even existed before Bangkok was proclaimed as the country’s capital!


There where more than a thousand of Buddha’s image you can see here.



Also chinese guardian figures…9

And ofcourse, the famous, Golden Reclining Buddha…10

It’s sooooo huge that you can’t even take a picture of it as a whole!

And lastly, the Phra Ubosot…


the Phra  Ubosot is ordain hall where the Buddhist usually doing their rituals. That’s why this is their most sacred part of the complex.


There were many things for you too see inside. In total, they have 23 sites to see!!

Bangkok is Indeed very blessed to have this extra ordinary beauty.

Be sure to visit this when you are in Bangkok, alright? 🙂


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