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Nagsasa, Anawangin and Capones Islands Tour – Zambales, PH

It’s kinda throwback for this post 🙂 ’cause ive been here with my workmates last 2015.

We just searched in facebook for a tour and if i remember it correctly, we only paid roughly two thousand pesos for person. all in 🙂

We arrived at Pundaquit, in San Antionio, Zambales for the boat island hopping. Yaaaz!!


*a filipino sweets, TAHO 🙂




*Capones Island 🙂 where you can see its light tower, But I didn’t have any picture of it. Didnt know why, maybe i got too excited to go up there 😀



And did I mentioned that when you go to the top, the view is VERY VERY AMAZING?????1112

righhhht??? 🙂


And to the second island…09

The Anawangin island…

where usually the tourist stays for the night… i think this is more commercialized than the two islands…08


And finally…

to Nagsasa Island 🙂

Where we are going to stay for the night. Yeey!!131415

Yeppp! You are seeing it right… All tents ! 🙂 you can bring yours as well if you have one, and for us, it is included to the package 😉 two persons per tent ….

And what i really really liked the most here in Nagsasa (aside from the aaaaamazing beach) are the locals that are living here. You can still leave your belongings to your tent/ kubo! Which is not the usual you know, cause if you leave your belongings unattended, it will probably be lost… forever. haha. You can trust them!


And as for the food, not like in Calaguas, you have to bring your own food here… A little bit stressful because of all of the cookings and preparing, haha. But we have to eat, so it is indeed necessary :p


Swimming time, ofcourse 😉



You can also rent a volleyball for your friends to enjoy! Who doesnt want a beach volleyball, right? You can rent it in hourly rate.


And part of the boat rental and tents was the woods for bonfire!! We even bought marshmallows for this! Smores, anyone? 😉

For me this is one of the most memorable part of this trip, cause this is the time where we can talk about everything and share some stories. Bonding is it! 🙂


My favorite shot in this trip… With Nico! Haha!

I can’t remember the every detail of this trip, i just wanted to share how beautiful the  scenery in these islands, so that’s all folks! Thank you!! Mabuhay! Haha 😉20


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